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Masters Partenaires Datacenter (Cisco France)

J'ai eu l'occasion de participer cette semaine aux Masters Data Center dans les nouveaux locaux de Cisco France à Paris. L'occasion de faire le point avec les "technical solution architect" français sur les produits Data Center, de voir quelques deep dives, packet walks, et les roadmaps des produits à venir en 2024. Je profite donc de cette occasion pour dépoussiérer ce blog :) Au programme du mercredi : Nouveautés et update ACI Update produit : pourquoi évolution 400G/800G NXOS / Read more [...]

Building a Cisco ACI Lab

This article is a summary of the best solutions to practice Cisco ACI before using it in a production environment. Read more [...]

HowTo Parse log records of ACI APIC

Every time I have to search for something inside the Event menu of the Cisco APIC, I'm complaining about the lack of search options... That's why I developed this Python script to parse everything easily and quickly. Read more [...]

What are the Endpoint Security Groups (ESGs) of ACI ?

You should have noticed the release 5.0(1) of Cisco ACI last week, it introduces a few new features among which we can find the Endpoint Security Groups (ESGs). Read more [...]

ACI | APIC unreachable after PCIe NIC card replacement

Following a hardware issue on a Cisco APIC, we had to replace the PCIe NIC card of the server (based on Cisco UCS). And as you may also encounter if you are reading this, it wasn't straight forward :) The initial problem was that the Eth2-1 and Eth2-2 ports went down after a few hours after each reboot, and that's a problem in an active APIC cluster... we decided to replace this APIC by the standby one in order to maintain a stable cluster of 3x APICs, before replacing the card. How to replace Read more [...]