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[Cheat Sheet] ACI – Fabric Access Policies

The second part of these Cheat Sheets series develops the relationship between the Access Policies and the EPGs of ACI. The first look at this "Fabric" tab of the APIC can be confusing and it's normal, there is a multitude of objects to take care of, from the VLAN Pool to the Leaf interface profile, this cheat sheet will help you to better understand the big picture. I included a step by step to help you configure your first access port and vPC. The file is available here: ACI 02 - Fabric Access Read more [...]

VMworld 2019 | Final thoughts

A few days after the VMworld 2019, I'm trying to take a higher look at this event after the information storm. Read more [...]

VMworld 2019 | What’s up with the virtualization?

I'm writing this blog post on my way to Barcelona for my first VMworld.
The event will take place from November 4th to 7th in Fira Barcelona Grand Via, the same event center as the Cisco Live that I'm more used to :)
What is VMworld
VMworld is VMware's annual IT event, it took place in the United States a few weeks ago, and in Europe this week. As per their website: "VMworld 2019 captures the momentum of today’s rapidly changing IT environment and puts it within your grasp so you can accelerate Read more [...]

[Cheat Sheet] ACI – The basics

It's been a while since I blogged!

These days I would like to share more regarding the technologies I'm working on, and ACI is one of those, so here is the first of a series of Cheat Sheets, starting with the basics.

The file can be downloaded directly here.

Let me know if it's useful for you, and which part of ACI would be interesting to develop here. Read more [...]

[HowTo] Simuler un WAN avec un Raspberry

L'objectif de cet article est de présenter la création d'un bridge afin de faire fonctionner le Raspberry PI comme un simple câble et d'agir sur le comportement des paquets qui entrent et sortent grâce à Netem. Cela afin de simuler des pertes de paquets, de la latence...etc. Read more [...]