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[Cheat Sheet] ACI – L3out

This week I detail the L3out object of ACI, allowing routed connectivity to external networks. In this document, I describe the objects and their relationships, present the most common designs, gateway redundancy and there is also a step by step configuration guide. The file is available here: ACI 04 - L3out. PS: The other files of this series can be found here: ACI 01 - The Basics. ACI 02 - Fabric Access Policies ACI 03 - The Tenants Read more [...]

ACI 04 L3out

Layer 3 Outside (L3out) for Routed Connectivity to External Networks.

In this cheat sheet, you will find summarized information about the routed connectivity to external networks with ACI, the Object model, Design, Gateway redundancy and step-by-step configuration (a simple design as well as Inter-VRF Leaking with Shared L3out in Common tenant).