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Notes Juniper EX

Summary Switch EX Series Architecture JunOX Configuration des interfaces Switching Commandes de vérifications Securité Introduction au routage JunOS - OS pour toute les gammes Juniper =>T640/M120/M10/71/EX Series EX series switches: type-slot/pic/port • type—: o ge— interface Ethernet Gigabit o xe— interface 10 Gigabit Ethernet • slot number/member-id— de 0 à 9 – 0 pour un switch unique, et plus pour les virtual-chassis. • PIC—0 pour la partie Read more [...]

Anatomy of a router

For this first post, I will speak about the principal networks device: the router. Routers are essentials components of networks using TCP/IP, because they provides possibility to interconnect large wide area networks. Routers have two functions : Path determination: Maintain his own routing tables and the others on the network. Packet forwarding: Routers use his routing tables to determine "where" they must transmit packets. They forward packets through network interfaces to the network Read more [...]